Proposal #22
Return back DOT mistakenly XCM transferred to null address - public proposal #22

Hello everyone!

I'm an active Acala network and Polkadot ecosystem user who believes in its future.
I am pleased that the system provides the ability to return funds that were mistakenly transferred.

2022-05-11 17:28:30 I accidentally sent 254.1591507553 DOT from Polkadot to Acala to the null(0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) address. In fact, from the extrinsic details, I observed that these DOT were crossed out to the Acala network to address zsbavR2qukGZb3e4KoEn1fFTrRwYqJCtQYK9qS1dYwspQF3.

This happened during the migration of the bridge from 1-way to XCM 3.0. I did it through my js code, where the mistake took place(related to the migration). Also, I tried to reproduce (not fill in the address) from Polkadot-js extension and it's still working the same way.

I fully admit that this was my mistake, but I'm hoping that the community will understand my pain and take my side.

I'm asking the community to support me with resolving this case, because:

  1. The account zsbavR2qukGZb3e4KoEn1fFTrRwYqJCtQYK9qS1dYwspQF3 has only one my extrinsic (except 1 sudo), so I assume that no one has access or is using it and these ~254 DOT is still on this account after more than half of year
  2. The amount is quite big (as for me)
  3. From my perspective, it is obvious that the transaction was made mistakenly and its rollback will not make anyone worse. But for one happy person in the world, there will be more.

A few days ago I saw that in the Bifrost network, the user returned back accidentally sent KSM through the governance. That's why I decided that my case is similar and in theory, my tokens might be returned.

I created a discussion regarding my issue and the community advised me to create this proposal.

Please support my proposal. Much appreciated!

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This proposal attempt to transfer 254.1591507553 DOT from zsbavR2qukGZb3e4KoEn1fFTrRwYqJCtQYK9qS1dYwspQF3

While the original transaction did send 254.1591507553 DOT, the received balance is less than this number due to transaction fee.

Right now there are only 254.1587777643 DOT there.

As the result, this proposal cannot be executed successfully UNLESS someone send some DOT to zsbavR2qukGZb3e4KoEn1fFTrRwYqJCtQYK9qS1dYwspQF3 to ensure it have more than enough balance to perform the transfer.

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Thank you very much! Just sent 0.05 DOT to zsbavR2qukGZb3e4KoEn1fFTrRwYqJCtQYK9qS1dYwspQF3.
So balance now is 254.2087777643 which is more than 254.1591507553