Acala subsquare integration grant proposal

SubSquare is a governance platform designed for substrate based blockchains. We have been working with kintsugi subsquare integration since Jan 2022. This proposal includes the cost details and the services OpenSquare will provide.

General Request items and services

Generally our fund request include following items:

  • Basic setup fee, $10k.
  • Monthly maintenance fee $500 - $1000, including the server fee and labor fee for maintenance. The range may change when basic infrastructure and labor cost change in a limited scope.
  • Customization fee which depends on the customized feature request from projects.

Services we provide:

  1. Basic setup of subsquare to support governance business.
  2. Future common feature improvement and enhancement.
  3. Bug fix and maintenance.

We will not request dedicated funds for common future features, while they may be covered by a monthly maintenance fee. Future futures include:

  • Chain interaction like tipping, voting, etc.
  • OpenSquare other collaboration tools like off-chain voting integration.
  • DID login.
  • i18n support.

Request for acala

Detailed request table:

Detailed request table:

Items Budget Note Cost
Basic setup $10,000 $10,000
Monthly maintenance $500/month 03.2021 - 05.2022(we request lowest for 1st 3 months) $1,500
Total $11,500

We may request future maintenance fee biannually or quarterly($500 - $1000 / month), depends on collaboratin between Acala and OpenSquare.

We are OpenSquare, dedicated to facilitate the collaboration between projects and developers.


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