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Reward for the production of article in Portuguese

Reward for producing a very comprehensive article on how to participate in Acala's Early Adopter.

The article was written in Portuguese and starts by explaining basic concepts about what they are: stablecoins, ausd, lcdot, Pool liquidity, Bootstrap, LP Tokens, Swap, Bridge.
The article also explains what the Early Adopters Program is and what are the requirements to participate.

Then the article explains, in the form of a tutorial, how to bridge dots to acala, how to mint ausd, manage a vault, provide liquidity in the pool.

The article ends with a translation of the official karura FAQ.

The article was highly praised in the Brazilian Polkadot and Acala community on Telegram.

link to article: https://medium.com/@giorgeabdala/guia-definitivo-da-acala-saiba-tudo-o-que-precisa-para-participar-do-early-adopters-program-64882504ae6f

Giorge Abdala is graduated in IT from UFPR(Brazil), with a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management and an MBA in Financial Markets. He is an active member of the Brazilian DotSama community, software developer, passionate about the Polkadot ecosystem, Kusama and their parachains. He produces original content on Medium Blog PolkaMix and translates content not yet translated into Portuguese about the DotSama world in general.

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